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Helena Wirth Cakes!

Cakes are the hallmarks of a celebration, whether it's a wedding or anniversary, birthday, graduation or a shower party. It's always the star attraction; the life of the party. It should taste and look really perfect for that special day. So if your quest is to find the best baker that makes it, your search ends here. Helena Wirth Cakes helps you celebrate life's special moments and can customize your cake to your specifications.

Helena Wirth Cakes bakes the most delicious and unique all occasion cakes in Los Angeles. Known for their amazingly beautiful custom creations from simple classic to modern artistic sculptured cakes. Helena Wirth is one of the trusted San Fernando wedding cake makers in the city. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, they have fully mastered the art of baking and cake decorating. Their custom wedding cakes are now world-famous for their beauty and quality. Works of art that had transcended every bride and groom's expectations.

In weddings across Los Angeles, wedding cake is almost always the show stopper, albeit after the couple and the auspicious knot. If you order your wedding cake from Helena Wirth, you can be certain of one thing total satisfaction! you and your guests would be completely enticed right from the sight of your sculptured cake down to the fantastic taste experience. Helena Wirth specializes in custom wedding cakes that not only look wonderful, but taste great, too! Custom wedding cakes are not always about the theme, design and structure. The visual appearance certainly matter as that makes the first impression but the impressions thereafter are equally significant. What are used in the custom cake, the concoction of different ingredients, the flavors which may be consistent across the tiers or may be as varied as you want, the aftertaste and every facet of a custom cake matters.

Our cakes can be personalized completely. It is not just sugar or gluten. You may want to include some types of ingredients or may wish to leave out some other types of ingredients which you do not like or desire. Whatever is your wish, your custom cake would be precisely that and more but never less.

We realize the importance of having something for all and sundry. Diabetic people or those with high blood sugar shouldn't be denied the treat of your wedding cake. People who are allergic to gluten shouldn't be left out either. On a joyous moment like a wedding, everyone should be entitled to some ecstatic enjoyment and that is precisely why we make sugar & gluten free cake.

We cater for all occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, showers and other large or small celebrations. Our cakes are all made fresh and we design them to your specific request. Whether you prefer a simple, classic sheet cake or a unique sculptured tiered cake, we surely can and love to do it for you!

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Helena Wirth Cakes is one of the few San Fernando wedding cake makers that truly gives excellent quality, friendly service and customer satisfaction. We specialize in custom wedding cakes and offer a variety of options to make your order look spectacular. Established for more than three decades, respectively known for its delicious and creative cakes in all of Los Angeles.

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Aside from cakes, we also offer cupcakes that not only look amazing, but also taste fantastic. They are specially made to your own specifications from flavor, frosting to topping. Cupcakes have always been a staple for children's parties. Perfect for any simple and small gathering like tea parties. They are a must-try!

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We can definitely deliver your cake right to your door! Call or place your order online. Complete all the needed information such as details of the event venue with your contact information.

Delivery is available with minimum 48 hours notice. Anywhere within a 50 mile radius in all Los Angeles at a very minimal charge. Feel free to call at 818-904-9566 for more delivery information.



You have the option to pick-up your ordered cake or cupcakes at our bakeshop. Call us ahead of time so we can prepare your order and have them ready as soon as you get there.

Our wonderful staff will assist you the best way they can to save even more of your time. We are located at 14042 Burbank Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91401. Open from Tuesday until Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.