At Helena Wirth, we create any design that comes to your mind. Give us the concept, inspiration or references. We translate it in your cakes by our artistic workmanship, enhanced with more accuracy, and crafted like any piece of art.

Get the best flavors and matching fillings you want. Our wide range of flavors go as far as sugar free, gluten-free, organic, keto or vegan, or any suggestion to meet your restrictions. Just tell us ahead of time.

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Moises Ayunan started his career in 1972 at Tropical Hut, a fast food chain in Manila, Philippines as the Operations Manager and then later at sister company, Fortune Bakeshop as Bakery Manager until 1977. Around the same time, Ayunan became a consultant for the fast-food business concept of Magnolia Ice Cream Parlor, which later became Jollibee Foods Corporation to which he imparted his own concoction of the Filipino-taste hamburger which became the signature of the company that catapulted it to be one of the biggest fast-food chains worldwide. Ayunan relocated to Log Angeles, California in 1977 to join his US immigrant wife. He worked as a pastry chef at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel.

In 1989, Ayunan returned to the Philippines to work at Jollibee full time as the head of the bakery division and as Assistant Vice President, and establish the pantry of the Jollibee company to modernize its operations according to world standards. After the reorganization of Jollibee, Ayunan returned to Los Angeles to rejoin his wife and family further his skills in the fast-food and bakery business which he continued to contribute to the company from which his stipend and profit-share remained. Ayunan took over as owner of Helena Wirth Cakes in 2006, one of LA's longest operating bakeries.